Sidney Zwibel

Founded by a member of MENSA, Click Monkeys!!™ was the brain child of Sidney Zwibel, an Internet entrepreneur. Early on in the life of the Internet, Sidney saw a need for a service that would help struggling eRetailers and eBusinesses generate revenue from page views and clicks. A quick trip to the Ukrainian embassy and Click Monkeys!!™ was born!

Sidney sold the first banner on the Internet in 1996. Three months later he sold that same site the first Click Monkeys!!™ service!

In addition to being an Internet guru, Sidney was an alternate on the ’84 Olympic Fencing team, is the president of the national MUFON organization and is the CEO and Founder of Pets or FOOD™ and ZOOBQ

Click Monkeys!! employs a state of the art line of site net access system. We own a light house near San Jose with the equivalent of five T-3 lines worth of bandwidth running to it. The light house is equipped with two dozen microwave transmitters that are pointed at the H.M.S. Click Monkey. The transmitters are kept on target using a GPS system that is centered exactly on the on board transmitter.Even if the Click Monkey were to drift by 3 miles from her stationary position in the roughest weather, our monkeys can still keep clicking on your site!

Over 20,000 Click Monkeys!! live and work aboard our click farm. They work in shifts of 5,000 24 hours aday, 7 daysa week, 365 days a year!! Each monkey is able to access 12 pages per minute which gives us incredible traffic potential, just look at this math:

1 monkey x 1 hour = 720 page views/clicks

1 monkey x 1 day = 17,280 page views/clicks

5,000 monkeys x 1 day 86,400,000 page views/clicks!!!!

Each monkey has 3 computers going at once, and every computer in our farm is set to cycle through accounts on dozens of different IP addresses. Our traffic never looks like a bot because it isn’t! We guarantee thousands of different IP address generating page views and clicking on your banners!

There’s NO WAY for ad reps like DoubleClick or Googe to tell the difference between us and regular users!!

You would have to be a moron not to be able to make money from a deal like this!! Click Here to find out about our 1000 Clicks for $1 special!!! As long as you remain a customer of Click Monkeys!!™ we'll never tell!! No US court can compell us because we aren't a US company! We guarantee traffic and clicks and no one will know we're working for you but you!! Click here to sign up now!! Our traffic isn't bot powered and we use the same Internet access you do so there is NO WAY to distinguish our traffic from regular traffic! As long as you're a customer of ours, your advertisers will never know their 5% CLICK THROUGH is because of us!! "Balmer was yelling at us to dominate web search , but we just didn't see how we could build our traffic quickly enough. We turned to Click Monkeys!!™ to make a traffic bang!. Thanks to them, I got my bonus, our site is on top, and Balmer thinks I'm great!" --Product Manager, Submit your own testimonial!