Click Monkeys!! offers several different plans designed to fit your needs, no matter what size your site is!!

If you don’t see a plan here that achieves your marketing goals, contact one of our sales reps and we’ll design something around what YOU want!

The Goal: Build site traffic and increase total page views

We Will: Send our curious Click Monkeys!! to your site in droves! We can increase your total page views, and your impression based ad revenue, in hours!

You Pay: Just ONE DOLLAR for a thousand page views!! If you need a million more page views a month, it will only cost you $1,000!!

We offer bulk discounts for customers who really need a lot of traffic. If you break the 10 Million page view barrier, we will drop our price by %20!!

The Goal: Increase click through performance on a specific campaign

We Will: Send our Click Monkeys!! to your site in search of your advertiser!! While they’re surfing your site in search of your advertiser, they are also generation page views for your other campaigns!!

You Pay: Just .5 cents per click!! Lets do the math! If you want to generate 1,000 clicks on a specific ad, it will only cost you $50 dollars! With most cost per click campaigns running between .15 and .35 cents, that’s huge profits!!

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The Goal: Raise your standing in Media Metrix’ site rankings

We Will: Make it happen! We’ve secretly paid off a significant percentage of the users who make up the Media Metrix sample to click to the sites who make use of the Click Monkeys!! service. We can improve you Media Metrix numbers by as much as 20%, which for many sites is enough to get them into the top 100 or to push their competitors below them.

You Pay: A lot! Well, not too much. Every Media Metrix Blow Out package is a custom quote based on your desired percentage change and the number of Media Metrix sample users we have to pay off. Contact one our our sales reps for a quote!!

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